Refund Policy

You can apply for a refund in the 30-day period after your item's estimated delivery date.

Item did not arrive
Full refund of purchase price, including shipping, unless the seller provides tracking indicating the item was signed for.

For incorrect, damaged, and not as described items, our policy requires you return the item to the seller in the condition you received it and within 30 days of the estimated delivery date.

Incorrect or damaged item
Full refund on purchase price, including original shipping, plus return shipping costs equal to the original shipping charged.

Not as described
Full refund on purchase price, including shipping. Return shipping is refunded at the seller's discretion.

Does not want item
Sellers are not obligated to accept returns for an item you do not want. However, many sellers will do so. Check the seller's Terms of Sale if there's a chance you will not require the item.