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  • Original typed letter copy dated May 26, 1942, single page, 8 1/4” x 11”, from former President Herbert Hoover to Mr. W.K. Kellogg of the Kellogg Foundation. In the letter, Mr. Hoover urges Mr. Kellogg to attention a copy of his newly published book, The Problems of Lasting Peace, which he co-wrote with Hugh Gibson, in hopes that Mr. Kellogg would be willing to endorse the distribution of the book to public libraries, colleges, and high schools. Hoover writes: “.We have sought to bring some sanity into this problem and its discussion. Among other things, to show that lasting peace can be based only upon free enterprise. The main object, however, is sanity in the vivid discussions of peace that are going on all over the country.Many of these discussions are leading into dangerous lines of action, based wholly upon emotion and not on reason.” Included is another letter, this one typed on Mr. Hoover’s personal printed stationery, is signed by the author, and dated June 10, 1942 It is addressed to Mr. W.H. Vanderploeg of Porter & Stiles, in Battle Creek, Michigan, and references the letter sent to Mr. Kellogg just a few weeks prior, also noting the inclusion of a copy of the book. The Hoover administration (1929 -1933) was in place as the Great Depression swept across the nation, and was succeeded in office by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who guided the country to prosperity and through the dark times of World War II.

  • Condition: Good. Letter is on official White House stationery, 8x6 inches, typed on recto. Written to "My dear Dr. Bowlby". Hoover thanks Dr. Bowlby , general secretary of the Lord's Day Alliance, for "Its vigilant work in promoting reverent respect for the Sabbath Day.a potent factor in preserving the sacredness of that Day against secularization." **Signed in ink by Herbert Hoover. Good, slightly toned, slight edge wear. Folded in thirds at some point in time.