Wicca is a recognized religion that many have practiced throughout the world for centuries, but it is often misunderstood. Pick up some of our sellers' Wicca books and discover the history and practices of this belief system, as well as its relationship to witchcraft. While Wicca comes in many different forms around the globe, there are some central beliefs that all practicing Wiccans adhere to, including a love of and respect for all of nature. The Wicca non-fiction books found here can help you to separate the true beliefs of the religion from the images often portrayed in popular culture.

Considered a form of religious witchcraft, Wicca is a pagan belief system that worships a dual divinity, both God and Goddess, representing the masculine and feminine aspects of nature. Practitioners celebrate changing of the seasons throughout the year, including the winter and summer solstices and the spring and fall equinoxes. These individuals also believe in using magic and spells to help people solve problems and heal from illnesses. They celebrate their rituals and practice spells individually or in organized groups known as covens. Here, you can buy Wicca books that explain the rites and rituals of this religion.

If you are considering becoming a Wiccan or just want to learn more about the beliefs that shape it, you can find more information on everything from the early roots of Wicca in ancient Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to the Book of Shadows, a spell book compiled in the early 20th century by Gerald Brosseau Gardner. Our sellers offer both modern and vintage Wicca books, tracing the evolution of the belief system over the last century and beyond. Grab several books discussing the subject and separate truths from myths by exploring the craft, the gods, and the holy days recognized by those who are part of the Wiccan community.