Vintage Sheet Music

Vintage sheet music hearkens back to a bygone era, with some of the oldest sheets dating back to the early 1800s. The earliest sheets were used when entertaining soldiers during the Civil War, while popular stage production music sheets became big sellers after the 1890s. Vintage sheet music books feature beautiful covers, stylish fonts, and depictions of the musical artists who performed the original versions of the songs. Vintage sheet music art is often used by interior decorators as wallpaper or standalone framed pieces to give rooms the ambiance of long-gone days. Many collectors consider the art and music important pieces of history that tell the story of a time before recorded music.

In its time, vintage sheet music was extremely popular, particularly with songs that were all the rage. In the 1910s, songs such as Let Me Call You Sweetheart and Down By the Old Mill Stream sold between five and six million copies each. Professional musicians collected vintage sheet music books in the same way enthusiasts of different eras treasure records or CDs. Their rooms were filled with stacks of papers, and amateur musicians made extra money selling their sheets to local merchants. Though the paper may be fragile, vintage sheet music books were sold in such high volumes that buyers can still find the most popular songs today.

Although avid collectors tend to focus on sheet music produced before record players became mainstream, there are many other genres that hold collectible merit. Books of vibrant music came out in the 1940s, featuring stars like Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. Sheet music from the biggest pop stars like The Beatles and Michael Jackson are still significant in the eyes of collectors. Vintage sheet music art is collected by those interested in military memorabilia, Broadway shows, and even sports, with baseball heroes depicted on song sheets sold at the ballpark. Buy vintage sheet music to play or display, whether they are classic songs of the roaring 20s or holiday music to sing along with your family.