Travel Guides

Variations of travel guides have been around since antiquity. As humankind roamed the earth, travelers would take note of places they had been and pass on the information to those who followed in their footsteps. Today, travel guides are a great tool for times when you're off the beaten path and wandering without a Wi-Fi connection. These guidebooks contain information about the best places to eat, areas of cultural significance, ways to get around, and tips on where the locals go to have fun. For many travelers, nothing beats pocket guides for discovering more about a country. There's something powerful about being able to fold the pages and make your own notes that isn't offered through online searches and restaurant apps.

For many, vintage travel guides are works of art. A guide from a different era will tell you what was important during that time period. Many travel guides contain beautiful illustrations, elaborate maps, and vibrant pictures of the people and places from the relevant country. Some guides have become an important part of history. For example, The Green Book was a series of travel guides that helped African Americans find safe refuge while traveling during the Jim Crow era. Many collectors consider handbooks like these as rare artifacts of bygone years.

Beyond broader, general information about a country, many compendiums are made to appeal to a particular subgroup or interest. For those who love the outdoors, there are books that specifically focus on natural wonders. For sports fans, you can find travel guides that explore the history of the city through its most famous teams. There are special volumes for artists, scientists, and students. At AbeBooks, you can buy travel guides to take with you on your next adventure, whether that means going halfway across the world or visiting the neighboring state. Our sellers' collections include everything from guides for children to narrative guides to classic vintage travel guides that might contain a few notes made by a previous explorer.