Signed Non-Fiction

Signed non-fiction books are often special because of the nature of the authors - if you have a memoir or autobiography signed by the author, it may be a book signed by a famous athlete, politician, or even former president. Because of this, the demand for original signed non-fiction books can vary wildly from title to title depending on who the author is, how famous they are, whether or not they are still living, and how many of their books they have signed.

For many of the books found in AbeBooks seller collections, the title page may be signed by the author, either after the book was purchased or on a bookplate that is signed separately and then inserted into the book to create a signed copy to be sold in stores. This latter practice is known as a tip-in, and modern publishers tend to use this method as it avoids the costs of providing authors with a number of books for signing. Books that were actually held and signed by the author are generally considered rarer than those where the signed page is inserted, especially when the author is a well-known public figure who has not undertaken a lot of live book signings or launch events. Dated signatures or those in first editions make the books even more sought after.

Signed non-fiction books may also contain the signatures of illustrators or photographers. Coffee table books and photobooks are often produced in small print runs, and when they're also signed by the artist or photographer, they become highly collectible. Part of the fun of owning a signed book is feeling a connection to the person who created it, and a personal signature does just that. Whatever topic you are looking for and whatever style of signature you're interested in, you can find a quality selection from our sellers.