Signed Fiction

For a fan of a specific author, a signed fiction book can be an amazing addition to a collection. Depending on how often an author offers up his or her signature, a signed edition of a favorite title can be a nice keepsake or an in-demand collectible. Highly collectible books often become more sought after when they include an author signature, especially if the author prefers not to sign books frequently or is no longer living. While it may be difficult to obtain an author's autograph in person, our sellers offer a variety oforiginal signed fiction books, many of them first editions. Books signed close to the date of publication or signed first editions are generally rarer and thus more desirable.

There are several different kinds of signed books that you may come across in our sellers' listings. A signed book is exactly how it is described - the author signed their name in the book, usually on the title page. Signatures in the actual book are more highly sought after than signatures on a bookplate or page that is inserted into a book after the author signs it. Collectors prefer to own a book that the author actually held and signed, rather than one bound as a signed edition.

An inscribed book is one that contains a note from the author as well as a signature, often addressed to the person to whom the book was originally given. Some collectors prefer inscribed books, as they are personalized from the author and sometimes include a funny or interesting note. However, others would rather avoid these personalized copies when they buy signed fiction books, since inscribed books reference a person unknown to the current buyer. Whatever kind of signed editions you prefer, our sellers have a wide variety for you to choose from.