Pop-up & Movable Books

Pop-up books are commonly known as three-dimensional, or 3D, books. They're also called movable books or even mechanical books. Pop-up and movable books are popular with children and serious collectors alike. Many people believe them to be a fairly recent innovation in book printing, but they have been around since the 13th century. The books are created with paper engineering, which is the cutting, gluing and folding of paper to create books with pull-tabs, pop-ups, flaps, and other innovative moving parts. 

Although they are primarily aimed at children these days, pop-up and movable books were originally for adult consumption. The purpose of many of the first books of this type was education. The turn-up style of pop-up books was used for medical textbooks where students could delve into human anatomy and see how body parts fit together. One of the most famous of these volumes is the 1543 De Humani Corporis Fabrica Librorum Epitome by Andreas Vesalius, which was filled with facts and beautiful illustrations. The redirection of these books to a young audience occurred during the 18th century when there was a move to find more ways to appeal to younger audiences; the books were ideal as they provided a more tactile and visually stimulating element to reading.

Collectible pop-up and movable books on AbeBooks seller listings cover a range of topics, with many focused on entertainment. A number of pop-up books based on Star Wars and other movies are in demand, as are those linked to cartoon characters or well-known fairy stories. The books feature different styles of mechanical and movable book printing. You can read the text and then flip the paper up to see a beautiful illustration below. Some books have a complicated construction, and they may include such things as a 3D scale model of a ship or a famous building. Buy pop-up and movable books to intrigue children or to add to your 3D book library.