Pet books are essential resources for anyone who has a beloved animal companion. The readings often combine history, health care, and anecdotes about the creatures who steal our hearts. Whether you're already well familiar with a certain animal or new to a breed or species, the essays are helpful and handy reference materials.

It was only a matter of time for ancient cultures to start writing about the animals they frequently depicted in early artwork. Herodotus wrote about the Egyptians' reverence for cats and how sacred the burial rituals were when they passed on. Tales of the goddess Ishtar's companion dogs get a mention in The Epic of Gilgamesh, and their place at her husband Dumuzid's side is relayed in the Descent of Innana. In 3rd-century Chinese lyrical poetry, you can find descriptions of people keeping pet birds. These stories were, in essence, the foundation for vintage pet books that frequently espoused the wonders and joys that animals bring people.

In addition to guides for every dog and cat breed, including mixed, you can buy pet books that detail care for hedgehogs, turtles, fish, and even snakes and ferrets, along with all kinds of smaller creatures. There is also a variety of health books for pet parents to understand general, dental, and holistic options and practices. For kids who may find many handbooks too technical, there's a delightful subcategory of stories written for younger audiences. Pinkerton, Behave!, Orlando (the Marmalade Cat) Keeps a Dog, and the Clifford the Big Red Dog series relate information in an engaging and colorful way.

Training and behavior essays are also among the pet care books available at AbeBooks. Search for titles by 'dog whisperer' Cesar Millan, as well as editions by various veterinary practitioners and universities. Find farm animals included in the inventory too, which means you can gain beneficial information by reading such books as Keeping Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys or The Complete Book of Horse Care. Take a look at our selections and buy pet books to learn more about your special critter friend.