Original Art

Original art reveals the inner workings of the creator's heart: it is the expression of the soul. Whether expressed in fine art mediums such as painting or sculpting, or in purely visual art mediums, original art conveys a message.

One of the most important aspects of any fine art work is the motivation behind the creation. Many classical painters created works based on Biblical stories or principles to show their passion (or the devotion of their patrons). Renaissance works often focused on a broad range of themes, such as religious devotion, ideas from mythology, and concepts from everyday life. Contemporary artists are no different, with artists like Bansky who call attention to social issues or Genevieve Gaignard whose photographs explore identity. The true value of any piece of art, however, lies in the eye of the collector.

Art lovers who wish to purchase original art will find it helpful to explore the topic, and sellers on AbeBooks have much on offer to help inform and direct avid original art collectors. Books can provide a strong foundation for building an expansive collection. The Intrepid Art Collector: The Beginner's Guide to Finding, Buying, and Appreciating Art on a Budget by Lisa Hunter includes interviews from experts and checklists for how to start buying art. Looking to shop contemporary art? Collecting Art for Love, Money and More by Ethan Wagner and Thea Westreich Wagner offers an insider's look at how to approach your collection. Doug Woodham's Art Collecting Today: Market Insights for Everyone Passionate about Art has insights for both beginners and veteran collectors.

Collectors who buy original art are important preservationists of our shared cultural heritage. Whether they are collecting vintage original art or contemporary pieces, they are part of a greater movement to care for and understand our past, present, and future.