Movie Posters

Movie posters are special. They combine art and film. Movie fans and art lovers alike buy this highly-prized artwork to adorn their walls. Among the seller collections here at AbeBooks, you're bound to find a poster that calls to you. Whether you're looking for a mint-condition original movie poster from Hitchcock's 1960 classic Psycho, or a signed vintage New York Film Festival poster, our sellers have you covered.

Are you a fan of vintage horror flicks? Or do you simply love the bold shapes and colors of poster art from this era? Buy movie posters from classics such as Creature From the Black Lagoon, Terror from the Year 5,000, or Boris Karloff's VooDoo Island and preserve and display them in appropriate frames around your home.

Our sellers offer movie posters from every genre and in multiple languages. You'll find movie artwork from westerns, mysteries, thrillers, romance, fantasy, horror, science fiction, and more. Choose from original, linen-backed, pristine, and professionally restored items to put together the perfect collection.

You can purchase movie posters in a variety of sizes, from 14 x 36 inch inserts and 27 x 41 inch one sheets to 246 x 108 inch 24 sheets. If the poster artist, rather than the movie it depicts, is of greater importance to you, our sellers offer original works from some of the most collectible movie poster artists, including Lawrence Noble, Robert McGinnis, Reynold Brown, and Al Hirschfield.

Along with a vast selection of movie posters, you can find plenty of other collectible movie ephemera on our platform, ranging from lobby cards, promotional books, press kits, novelizations, and behind-the-scenes and studio history books. With so many vintage movie posters for sale, our sellers' collections are bound to have many that fit your home and tastes. Buy your poster, have it professionally framed to preserve its condition, and give it pride of place in your living area.