Miniature Books

Explore vast worlds, stories, and resources at your fingertips with collections of miniature books. At three inches in length and width, vintage mini books are a compact and portable literary form that fits neatly in your pocket or purse. Take them anywhere with you.

Many believe the history of miniature books actually began as clay tablets in Babylonia. After paper replaced clay, and Johannes Gutenberg brought the printing press onto the scene, his assistant, Peter Schoffer, published the first traditional mini book in 1468, titled Diurnale Mogantinum. Later, it became popular to publish Bible texts in this small format, known as thumb Bibles. These vintage mini books were the perfect size for children during Sunday school lessons. Many of the tiny books that followed were kids' books that varied from verse books to selections with many illustrations.

By the 18th or 19th century, the trend was to keep these little texts on your person, as they were easy to conceal from others, and subject matters ranged from poetry and religious readings to political commentary. As printing technology and the book-making process advanced, so did the covers and bindings, and they became more sophisticated with gold trims and other complex detailing.

Grab your favorites in the tiny format and rediscover classic stories, such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Jack and the Beanstalk, as well as other titles from treasured authors like William Shakespeare and Mark Twain. Savor a little bit of political history with The Inaugural Address of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Achille J. St. Onge published this first issue mini book, along with publishing several other small format texts, including editions from other former presidents, such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Thumb Bibles, political commentary, and children's tales are only the beginning. Delve into the worlds of mystery, adventure, fantasy, and romance, and watch your collection grow across all genres.

Buy miniature books to complete your collection with the unique editions you've been looking for, or browse for exciting new authors you've yet to discover from centuries. Immerse yourself in the classics and enjoy exploring the literary world in the palm of your hands.