Marketing is the act of promoting or selling a product or service to the public. Our sellers' selections of marketing books help you stay on top of marketing information, such as trends or customer research. Use the tips in these books to help build a successful marketing strategy that will get your products in front of more people. Whether you are a small business owner, an advertising agency, or part of a large corporation, promoting your company to potential customers should be one of your top priorities.

Marketing has changed drastically over the last century, as technology has altered the ways that marketers are able to talk with potential customers. In the early days of advertising, marketers relied on printed posters, magazines, and newspaper ads to catch the eye of customers. With the advent of the radio and later television, commercials began to reach people through the airwaves. Now, marketers are able to use sophisticated techniques to target very specific audiences through email, social media, and online advertising.

Marketing strategy books walk you through all of these marketing tactics, as well as things like public relations, search engine optimization, and content marketing. Pricing strategy, advertising channels, and product selection should all be part of your overall marketing plan, and at AbeBooks, you can buy marketing books that help you to decide how to craft that strategy for maximum efficiency and profitability. Learn how to find your target market, profile your customers, decide on the most effective strategies, and plan out a marketing schedule that will keep your business growing throughout the year.

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