Limited Editions

Limited editions are published for serious book lovers. When a title becomes meaningful to fans, the publishers offer a limited edition that can be displayed prominently in your collection. AbeBooks has a wide range of collectible limited editions that add a touch of interest to any bookshelf or library. Whether you're looking for a special condition copy of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or one of only 300 copies of a limited issue of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh, browse our vast selection to see what you can find.

Limited editions are made to stand out in different ways. The publishers may have the volumes signed by the author or collaborate with a well-known artist to design the cover based on a personal interpretation of the book. Some include extra features that only come in the collectible limited editions, such as unique illustrations, notes from the author, or special binding materials like leather, Japanese silk, or even metal accents. Discerning fans of the written word enjoy collecting books that have been published in a certain unique format or in restricted numbers. 

Are you a fan of classic novels or works of Shakespeare? Or perhaps you're a history buff who wants to commemorate the history of your country or the biography of your favorite president. Buy limited editions of well-known tomes such as The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum or a rare publication of Speaking My Mind by Ronald Reagan. These types of books often have fascinating dust jackets that add to their appeal and significance. 

Our sellers offer collectible limited editions from the entire spectrum of literature. You'll find children's books, autobiographies, graphic novels, fantasy, mysteries, and more. If you love photography, our sellers have a variety of special impression photo books. You can choose rare editions that have been signed, numbered, or are one of the last left anywhere in the world. Shop limited editions and display them proudly on your bookshelves.