Judaism books encompass the full range of material in this rich Abrahamic faith, from core beliefs to daily practices and history. Those who practice Judaism follow the tenets of the Torah, which explains Jewish beliefs as well as the history of the ancient Israelites. The Tanakh includes the Torah (The Pentateuch, or 5 Books of Moses) and the writings and words of the prophets. The 5 Books of Moses are believed to have been written by Moses himself before 1270 B.C., and many believe the other books were completed by around 400 B.C. Archaeology reveals fragments of verses from the Torah dated to around 2,000 years ago, showing the strong continuity of the text from ancient to modern times. The Jewish people developed a strong literary culture that reflects both their unique belief system and view of the world. 

Judaism books like the Tanakh are available in a range of translations with much useful commentary. For those who wish to examine the insights of Jewish scholars, The Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Berakhot is essential reading. Vintage Judaism books include The Mishneh Torah by the 12th-century scholar Moses Maimonides.

Judaism sparks many rich and diverse approaches to life. For those interested in Reform Judaism books (Reform Judaism blends innovation and traditional beliefs), readers may want to check out Mark Washofsky's Jewish Living: A Guide to Contemporary Reform Practice. Collectors with an eye on the esoteric may want to examine Daniel Matt's Essential Kabbalah, which includes historical context and insights to assist with the understanding of the text. 

Collectors who wish to buy Judaism books have a rich, diversified library of options. They aid in the understanding of this ancient belief system and provide a foundation of cultural appreciation for modern practitioners of Judaism.  Add Judaism books to your collection to enhance your understanding of this ancient faith.