Illustrated Books

Looking for rare illustrated books? Our vast selection of vintage illustration books spanning multiple genres is sure to satisfy any book lover. Whether you're a connoisseur of art or an avid book collector, you'll appreciate the unique books offered by our sellers. AbeBooks strives to host a slew of rare and interesting collectible illustrated books for you to peruse.

With intricately marbled book covers, large-scale illustrations, or full-color and black-and-white images, our books range from rare editions to those that bring back personal memories for buyers. Stroll down the yellow brick road with a first edition copy of The Wizard of Oz or toast the season with A Christmas Carol. Looking to fall down a rabbit hole with Lewis Carroll? We've got you covered so you can adventure with illustrations of Alice. With titles in English, French, Spanish, German, and more, you can travel around the world through foreign language vintage illustration books. From science fiction to almanacs, our collection of vintage books is expansive. 

Dive into the quirky Victorian world of Edward Gregory, a renowned American author and illustrator, who sometimes told stories completely through his illustrations. Or say Goodnight Moon while shopping our illustrated children's literature section, which has everything from dragons to rabbits, all in beautifully illustrated worlds. Because modern books often have a dearth of illustrations, it's fascinating to browse through seller collections of pre-1900 literature. You may even find volumes illustrated by George Cruikshank or Phiz; both worked with Charles Dickens. First editions and copies signed by authors abound among our collection of high-quality vintage illustrated books. 

Buy illustrated books to complete your overflowing collection or start a new shelf of vintage books with stunning illustrations in your home. We have novels, biblical stories, children's story books, poetry, and more on our illustrated books collection shelf - go ahead and see what wonders you can find.