Grammar is a system of language, or the rules that govern that language. These rules can be confusing, so our selection of grammar books will help you navigate the tricky sea of syntax, including punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling. Whether you're following AP Style, the Chicago Manual of Style, or another style guide for your writing, it's important to both understand and follow the rules correctly to keep your writing consistent and clear. Here, you can buy grammar books that will help you follow whichever style you choose and give you the basics grammar as a whole.

Unless you're working in the academic world or on research papers, you most likely follow the Associated Press style guide or the Chicago Manual of Style. AP Style is most often used by journalists for newspaper writing, but may also be used for magazines and blogs. CMS is the preferred style for both fiction and nonfiction books. In the academic world, Modern Language Association Style is the usual style guide to follow. Each guide has its own rules for things like abbreviations, punctuation preferences, and capitalization. If you are tasked with following a specific style for grammar rules, it's helpful to reference a style guide that includes all of the rules.

For basic grammar rules, one of the most popular grammar book to use is The Elements of Style. Written by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White, this volume has been a favorite of writers of all genres for decades. Referencing a book like this is useful for everyone from professional writers to students working on essays. You can also pick up vintage grammar books from AbeBooks' sellers for a look back at the ways that grammar rules have changed throughout the years. Making sure your grammar is perfect is the best way to ensure that your writing is clear and readers enjoy it.