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If you enjoy roaming the world, even if it's in your own armchair, you're sure to be fascinated by general travel books. Some early examples of travel literature included various travel journals about Greece, Wales, and China that were written during the first and second centuries. Famous geographers Strabo and Pausanias gave us an insight into ancient first and second century Greek people and places. The travel memoir as we know it today was established hundreds of years later through James Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson in 1785. Buy general travel books covering a huge variety of countries, events, and activities by browsing our seller listings.

From Homer's Odyssey to recent travel memoirs, our general travel books section is varied and vast. Learn about famous explorers like Christopher Columbus with a historical or informational travel book. Or read through Marco Polo's late 13th century writings, which were truly significant to the travel writing genre as they told tales about the East, and China in particular, that readers found incredibly interesting. During the 17th century, writers Jean-Baptiste Tavernier and Jean Chardin wrote their travel observations on Persia and were praised by Goethe for their literary talents. Among respected English-language authors, D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce, and Alexander W. Kinglake all offer views on travel worldwide, including Dublin, Sardinia, and Asia, respectively. Honoré de Balzac's descriptions of Paris might inspire you to book a flight to that beautiful city.

Our sellers offer special editions, signed copies, collector's items, and rare finds. Looking for vintage general travel books with detailed maps? Our general travel books section has plenty of volumes that include comprehensive maps. Go far afield or simply learn about your own backyard through exploring our adventurous travel book selections. Set your passion for travel ablaze and explore everything the world has to offer from your armchair or marvel at how the world has changed over the years.