Most of us know where our parents and grandparents hailed from, but many family histories beyond that have been lost to time. Our selection of genealogy books can help you research your family name and discover more about the areas your ancestors called home. It can be daunting to start a family tree and to figure out where to find reliable information. Buy genealogy books from our sellers that help you on your journey, giving you tips on where to search for birth and death records, how to trace the movements of your relatives around the world, and what to search for to connect the dots.

Genealogy research has become popular over the past few decades as more people are interested in tracing their roots back to their countries of origin. Some may be hoping to track down a famous ancestor, while others are just interested in finding out what nations their kinfolks called home before migrating elsewhere. Sometimes, it is possible to trace families back hundreds of years, uncovering fascinating stories about unusual jobs and exciting tales of adventures around the world. Trace your relatives back a few generations and you may discover that you are part of a Scottish clan, descended from a war hero, or even have a tie to British royalty.

You can find vintage genealogy books that are first editions signed by the authors, and they offer an in-depth look at local histories and events that may add color to your family research. Once you discover that an ancestor has a tie to a certain place, an important event, or a military battle, it can be interesting to read more about that time or place, learning the context around your family's participation. These genealogy non-fiction books can guide you in your research and then help you discover the importance of what you uncover.