Fairy Tales

The worlds created within fairy tale books are mystical and complicated, drawing you in by using elaborate plots and characters. A fairy tale is a type of folktale or fable, but they are very different when examined. Fairy tale books have elaborate details that make them enticing to readers, whereas folktales and fables are often very simplistic in comparison.

These beloved stories have been told for generations and were recounted long before they were written down, thereby making it impossible to trace them back to their beginnings. You'll find tales of this nature from every culture. Within these different cultures, fairy tales often display very similar plots, characters, and motifs. Fairy tale themes are usually based on universal experiences or hopes, explaining their pervasiveness.

The Brothers Grimm were the first to attempt to preserve oral fairy tales, and their work was published in German in 1812; this first edition was later altered to be more socially acceptable. They influenced many other authors, including Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. His work was vastly different, as he sometimes drew on old tales but often wrote his own fairy tales, such as The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, and The Emperor's New Clothes. These collectible fairy tale books are ideal for forming the basis of a new collection.

Modern fairy tale authors put their own spin on the classic form, often having specific motives. For example, Oscar Wilde introduced homoerotic ethos in the vintage fairy tale book, The Happy Prince and Other Stories. The stories in this book, which was aimed at adults rather than children, have a common theme, which revolves around love, sacrifice, and kindness. Another notable contemporary author is Gail Carson Levine. In her novel Ella Enchanted, Levine revised the Cinderella story to portray a more pro-feminist explanation for Cinderella's obedience.

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