Everybody dreams, and many people wonder if their dreams have hidden meanings. Use dream books to help you interpret your dreams and discover the symbolism that may shed light onto situations found in your waking life. Some scientists believe that dreams are a tool of our subconscious, trying to convey messages that we are unable to process while awake. However, there is very little consensus on how dreams work and what their meanings really are. Buy dream books from AbeBooks sellers and attempt to decode your sleeping mind.

Sigmund Freud believed in dream symbolism, although he thought the symbols were specific to the dreamer, and therefore could not be universally interpreted. His theory posits that dreams offer wish fulfillment, showing us outcomes that give us what we are hoping for in the form of a solution to a problem or a resolution to a situation that is vexing us while we're awake. Freud also believed that there was much latent content in dreams, things that we do not notice in the dream or do not remember upon waking. Carl Jung, on the other hand, believed that dreams exist to reveal things to us, forming a bridge between our conscious and unconscious minds to help us interpret thoughts that our waking minds are unable to process. A variety of dream interpretation books adhere to both theories, allowing you to study your own dreams however you wish.

Although we all dream, we do not remember most of our dreams once we wake up. Certain books in these collections offer tips for remembering more of your dreams, helping you to build a dream journal or other system for recording your dreams for further analysis. From modern studies to vintage dream books, our sellers have the tools you need to find the meaning behind your dreams.