Drawings & Sketches

Drawings and sketches are part of some of the earliest creative human endeavors: archaeologists have found Spanish cave wall art that dates back almost 40,000 years. Original drawings are valuable for the same reasons any type of art has worth. Who created the piece, why it was done, scarcity, and subject matter all impact the value of fine art. While most of us will enjoy the early drawings like those in French and Spanish caves only through photos or brief visits, there is a world of eclectic drawings and sketches to tempt the taste of every collector.

Fine art collections can be built around any concept or theme or they can revolve around an artist (or group of artists). Collectors who want to buy drawings centered around a certain idea may find it beneficial to research artists who focus on concepts attached to that idea. For example, artists who create images of modern objects in cities might have drawings and sketches that include themes about progress or technology in daily life. Enthusiasts can also peruse the many books about art to begin their search for specific artists.

Diving into the fine art of creating your own drawings and sketches? There are numerous practical guides that can help. Learn from great contemporary artists with The Best of Sketching and Drawing (T. Sullivan), a tour de force of images created in charcoal, pencil, and ink. Liron Yanconsky's How to Sketch: A Beginner's Guide to Sketching Techniques, Including Step By Step Exercises, Tips, and Tricks is a 300-page guide dedicated to helping you grow as an artist.

To shop drawings, one of the best places to start is here at AbeBooks. Our sellers highlight the works of many artists. Whether you create your own works or pursue those created by others, drawings and sketches can provide real enjoyment, both for you and those who you share your artwork with.