As long as there have been cooks, there have been recipes, and the best of these collections find their way into cookbooks for chefs around the world to share. Cookbooks themselves date back before the ancient Greeks, through the Chinese dynasties and medieval Europe. American colonists put their own twist on the European recipes they were used to, substituting unavailable ingredients for those found in the new world – the first American cookbook was published in the late 1700s. As cookbooks became more popular and widely available due to improvements in printing technology in the 1800s, they opened up a whole different world for home chefs, introducing things like French cuisine into households. In 1896, Fannie Farmer published The Boston Cooking School Cookbook, the first one to include standardized measurements in the recipe's instructions.

These books range from everyday recipes like cookies, meatloaf, and lasagna to very specialized topics such as sausage making or ways to prepare avocados - whatever your taste, you can most likely find something savory to make. Our collectible cookbooks from the past decades include many regional cooking instructions, such as foods from New Orleans, Thailand, Scotland, Savannah, and everywhere in between. These types of recipe books can be a great way to sample favorite meals from around the world and bring a taste of another country into your own kitchen. Specializing in types of cuisine, specific foods, dietary needs, and more, these collections of recipes offer up everything you need to create delicious meals, baked goods, and desserts.

Many of the cookbooks offered by our sellers are first editions and some are even signed by the authors and celebrity chefs who created them. You can buy cookbooks from such famous names as Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Emeril Lagasse, and more. Impress your guests with a fabulous feast designed by a famous and gourmet chef or purchase vintage cookbooks for your collection to peruse or display.