If you think cartoons are just for kids, think again. They are an art form that never ceases to make us smile or laugh. Classic versions and comics are fun for kids, and even more fun for those who are kids at heart. Buy cartoons in every genre and style imaginable with custom-curated collections from AbeBooks' sellers.

The craft of these illustrations started with famous Italian artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, who drew caricatures in the early 1700s. In the Golden Age, many people used them heavily in political satire. In the early 1800s, illustrated magazines gained popularity. They featured political cartoons and even illustrations of celebrities and professionals in fashion magazines like Vanity Fair. As to cartoon strips, W.K. Haselden was the Brit who popularized them in newspapers. His work made way for children's comic strips and numerous more aimed at adults. By the mid to late 1900s, cartoon and comic strip artists created complex narratives that led to today's collections.

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