Book Sets & Collections

Book sets and collections can open the door to new directions in collecting. These types of books, which can be found in trilogies, box sets, or decorative series, provide the immediate satisfaction of obtaining a significant portion of written material all at once. The allure of an 'instant collection' cannot be denied: it saves a significant amount of time to have all the authors, works, or themes you would like in one carefully curated set. In addition, book sets and collections tend to include thematic covers and designs, which immediately distinguishes them from individual tomes. Some book collections are sold by avid collectors who have enjoyed them and would like to pass them on, and others may come to market through dealers and estate sales.

Those seeking to buy book sets and collections from AbeBooks sellers find a wide assortment at their fingertips. Rare vintage book sets and collections are particularly valuable parts of a personal library, but they usually require special handling. Time and wear eventually take their toll on printed matter, so when purchasing vintage sets, the collector also needs to address issues of preservation and display. Some collectors find that special display cases or additional shelves make sense for their personal library in order to fully enjoy their new additions. They should also proactively care for antique tomes.

All collections must start with knowledge. Ian C. Ellis's Book Finds: How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books can help beginners and more advanced collectors of book sets and collections locate and identify rare volumes. Jane Greenfield has advice to help preserve those multi-volume sets, which she delivers in The Care of Fine Books.

Book sets and collections can instantly provide a wealth of reading material to enhance your personal library. The satisfaction of rapidly building a collection can only be surpassed by reading and sharing it.