Asia travel books are the key to unlocking the secrets of the East, from the mountains of Azerbaijan to the shrines of Japan. Traveling Asia is a wonderful way to understand other cultures. One of the most important parts of visiting Asian countries is to prepare by reading Asia travel books. While the Lonely Planet guides are some of the most well-known travel guides available, there are other books that can offer new insights and helpful hints about life in Asian countries. For example, Love Mumbai (4th edition) by Fiona Caulfield brings depth and richness to the understanding of India's largest city.

Can't break away to travel Asia yet? Asia travel books are also wonderful for the armchair tourist. For insights into modern life in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, look no further than the Wallpaper Guide to Ho Chi Minh City. Korea, A Walk Through the Land of Miracles by Simon Winchester. It weaves a poignant tale of the author's travels through the Hermit Kingdom in the 1980s.

While modern guides provide quick insights into your upcoming stay, vintage Asia travel books give you a unique glimpse of the past, as they are a combination of period pieces and travel guides. Numerous vintage Asia travel books focus on an individual's personal experience and understanding of the place. One such vintage travel book is Beside the Bamboo by John MacGowan. This account, published in 1914 for the London Missionary Society, details MacGowan's unique experience traveling to and living in China as a missionary. Karl Baedeker's Palestine and Syria, penned in 1912, includes visits to many notable sites such as Nazareth, Tiberias, and Sidon, which he covers in rich detail.

Whether you are planning to visit Asia or would just like to expand your knowledge, buy Asia travel books to add to your collection and understanding of the mysteries of the East.