Fine Art

Fine art refers to objects created for aesthetic or intellectual appeal. Fine art includes a spacious array of human creativity, including painting, photography, and sculpture. Art books, therefore, can be luxurious coffee table volumes of reproduced ancient masters, vivid photographs of landscapes, and even depictions of creative dance. Not surprisingly, the art world is constantly evolving as it is shaped by modernization. From Banksy to Van Gogh, Warhol to Picasso, fine art lovers can find something to suit any taste.

Original fine art collections can be based on themes, artists, or even time periods. Many pieces can be found in galleries or through dealers. However, the internet has transformed how we shop fine art: online dealers and galleries are easy to locate or collectors can go directly to the artists' sites. Vintage fine art collections may require more exploration, but offer significant enjoyment to the collector.

Whether seeking contemporary or vintage pieces, art lovers can tap helpful guides to garner insights into potential buys. Alan Bamberger's The Art of Buying Art highlights key aspects of the art hunt, including how to identify originals from reproductions, define the borders of your collecting personality, and how to buy fine art. The Story of Art by E. H. Gombrich is a compelling and time-tested journey into the world of art that has endeared itself to fans for over 40 years. Those seeking fine artworks that defy collection, such as tattoos, should check out Carol Clerk's Vintage Tattoos: The Book of Old School Skin Art. Clerk examines the evolution in our approach to tattoos while covering an array of popular decorative designs.

The world of fine arts is no longer limited to a wealthy few. Enthusiasts can build collections that highlight a niche area of life or surprise with their insights into every soul. Whenever a collector tracks down an elusive but perfect piece for a collection, they create a new world of wonder.