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Port Tobacco, MD, U.S.A.

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AbeBooks' uniqueness is our network of independent booksellers who work with us to provide the most diverse selection of rare, used and out-of-print books on the Internet. It is these sellers, with their experience, commitment and love of the used and out-of-print book business who help all our buyers find that treasure they've been looking for.

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All sales are based upon fair market value item assessment and quaility catergorization conducted by Dewey Books PTMD assesors. Dewey Books PTMD strives to process orders and deliver in a timely manner. Purchases will be processed thru payment processing.

Shipping Terms

Purchased items will be packaged and shipped promptly during Mon-Fri business hours US ET except for obserbed Postal holiday or Federal holiday. Packages are wrapped and secured in protective corregated paper. Dewey Books PTMD offers free tracking on items shipped domestic as well as internalional up to 3 lbs. The purchaser may apply and pay for package insurance upon checkout if desired. Shipping on ordered items is processed Mon-Fri business hours. Items ordered before noon US ET M-F will ship same business day M-F. Items ordered after noon US ET will ship next available business day M-F. Items ordered during the weekend will ship out Monday US ET business day. Returned items must be received in same condition and quaility as they were when shipped.